Our History

In last 5 years we donated 600 000 books to schools and colleges in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, New York, Washington DC, Huston, Montreal, Binghamton, Anza, Long Island, Chicago, Nashville, Atlanta, and Dover. We expended our reach also to China, India and Africa. We sent 50,00 books to starting Christian school in China and we are working on huge shipments to India and Africa as well.

Each donation of books is very precious for us. It is our commission to support with books the education on each age level everywhere where is need. We started our mission in US and we are moving oversees step by step. Our donation to China school was extremely well accepted and many new doors get opened to expend our ministry. Our project is still pretty young but we wish to increase our donation capability to conquer the famine for education and books. Specially academic books and books about Jesus Christ and Good News.

We need your help. Please donate your books what you don't need anymore or you think they could serve somewhere else to more people with bigger effect. Thank you.

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